Theory Driving Test

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When you arrive for your theory test, make sure you have your photo licence, or the test will NOT go ahead!
You will be asked to put all your belongings into a locker, including jackets, mobile phones, sweets and drinks. The only thing you are allowed to take in with you, is your locker key.
The Theory Test is divided into 2 parts -
Multiple Choice Questions
This involves answering 50 multiple choice questions using a touch screen computer.
To pass you need to answer 43 correctly.
Included in this is a case study where you will be shown a scenario on the screen, and then you will have to answer 5 multiple choice questions about it.
Any questions you are unsure of you can flag and return to them at the end of the test.
Hazard Perception
You will watch 14 video clips and have to click the mouse when you see a developing hazard. Each clip has one real hazard and one clip has two hazards.
A developing hazard is something which may cause you to change speed or direction.
The earlier you see a developing hazard the more points you get.
The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75.
You will be get the result of your test before you leave and after you have successfully completed the theory test you will be given a certificate.
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